Uploading packages built against Perl 5.2.2 [

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Tue Jul 28 05:43:00 GMT 2015

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
> Is there a consensus on the way to upload files ready for Perl 5.22 to
> be made available?  The Git packages are ready to go, but I'm not sure
> if I should be uploading them without a !ready file, or as a test
> release.

Unfortunately, none of the folks with full access to sourceware have
said if my idea with the !perl cookie was going to fly, so it seems like
we'll have to coordinate among ourselves.  I have been uploading my
packages without the !ready file for now.

> Or is the idea just that we're going to try to coordinate the many
> maintainers worldwide to all release at the same time on Friday?  As
> that'll mean it doesn't matter that there's no consensus, it just seems
> like it'll also be inordinately painful, too.

One more thing that we'll have to solve one way or the other.  I still
hope that one maintainer with full sourceware access will be able to
post the !ready cookies all at the same time.

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