Achim Gratz
Tue Jul 28 19:19:00 GMT 2015

With the latest round of changes I'm now down to two local change-sets
for setup:

1. Implement an option that installs exactly the requested packages, no
matter what packages are already installed.  This leaves an installation
in the same state as a new install from scratch would have, modulo any
customizations in /etc.  All package versions will be reset to current,
missing packages get installed and additional packages removed.  I use
this to ensure that automated installs end up with the same packages no
matter the history of the existing installation.  Specifically I
implemented it so that I can switch installations from one option to
another (currently there are four install options: command line, GUI,
developer and developer w/ debuginfo) without manual intervention.

2. Implement an option that pulls in source packages automatically.
This is taken from a patch offered by David Hoke on this list about a
year ago (ChangeLog is missing at the moment).

Both changes have been tested for a while, albeit in a somewhat
restricted environment.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to get
these upstream.

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