[Attn Maintainer] stow

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epa.gov
Fri Jul 31 07:39:00 GMT 2015

> Andrew Schulman writes:
> > OK.  I missed that thread.  For the next time there's a Perl update that
> > requires action from us maintainers, it would help if you put a HEADSUP in
> > the subject line.
> I've realized just in time that some maintainers don't read all of the
> cygwin-apps list or even filter it.  I'm not sure what's the right thing
> to do, but calling out individual maintainers, trying to contact them on
> their private emails or stuffing keywords into the subject to me goes
> against the spirit of having this mailing list.

I read cygwin-apps regularly, but I don't read every thread.  I scan the subject
lines, and read the threads that seem important.  The thread about a Perl update
didn't catch my attention.

I have a filter set up to flag messages with HEADSUP in the subject line as
important.  So I always read those.  Other maintainers are probably filtering on
HEADSUP in a similar way.

I agree that you shouldn't have to track down maintainers individually.  You
should be able to just write to the list.  But it's also not realistic to expect
everyone to read every thread.  Putting HEADSUP in the subject line seems to me
like a good way of telling people that they need to read this.


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