[HEADSUP] Perl update to 5.22.0

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Fri Jul 31 19:13:00 GMT 2015

I hope I gathered all responses correctly, please comment if I've got
anything wrong.

Jari and Volker are out on vacation or other business.  Yaakov commented
we shouldn't hold the release for ming and I've just looked up Jari's
packages and they don't contain XS modules, so if anybody needs those
before Jari updates them we can advise users to just copy from the 5.14
into the 5.22 tree as a stopgap measure.

Mark O'Keefe hasn't responded so far.  If anybody complains about amanda
not working, Marco has offered to rebuild the package on his behalf
since amanda makes copious use of XS modules.

Everybody else, including myself (but with the possible exception of
Yaakov) has marked their release areas with !perl cookies.

So it looks like we're ready to go when Yaakov is.  Corinna has offered
to trigger the release by moving the !perl cookies to !ready ones, but
is not available before Monday.  If somebody else wants to do this,
please speak up.  I guess at least myself and Yaakov should be online
while the update is being processed due to the sheer number of packages
and the resulting potential for hiccups (although I really hope there
won't be any).  Let me know if we can find some time over the weekend,
otherwise we'll have to arrange for something like Monday evening MET.

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