allowing gmane to post to cygwin-apps

Achim Gratz
Wed Sep 2 19:16:00 GMT 2015

Andrew Schulman writes:
> Does anyone know if there's something about the sourceware mailing list software
> or configuration that would keep it from accepting email to cygwin-apps sent via
> gmane?  Note that I've used gmane exclusively to post to the cygwin list for
> years.  It works fine.  Only cygwin-apps seems to be affected by this problem.

I've tried to post here from Gmane today.  I've got a rejection notice
from sourceware back via gmane's mailer, so it's definitely the
configuration on sourceware that's responsible.  I've sent a request to
cygwin-apps-owner like that notice said I should do.  Let's see what

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