[ITP] Inetutils 1.9.4

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Feb 8 14:04:00 GMT 2016

On Feb  7 18:55, D. Boland wrote:
> Hi group,
> At Corinna's request, I re-intend to package the new version of Inetutils,
> version 1.9.4:
> http://cygwin.boland.nl/x86_64/release/inetutils/inetutils-1.9.4-2-src.tar.xz
> [...]
> Some programs in the inetutils suite are packaged already:
> * hostname
> * whois
> * tftp
> * tftp-server
> So I added these on the 'required' lines.

They are not actually *required* to run inetd, right?  Does it really
make sense to add them as require packages then?

> Also, the following include files are needed:
> * /usr/include/netinet/icmp6.h
> * /usr/include/netinet/ip_var.h
> There has been discussion on including the icmp6.h file in Cygwin 2.3.0.

Can you check if icmp6.h from FreeBSD
does the trick when copied to /usr/include/netinet?  If so, I add this file
to the repo.

> ip_var.h is needed for the MAX_IPOPTLEN constant. This could be added to the
> ip.h file as is done in Linux.

MAX_IPOPTLEN is in ip.h since Cygwin 2.3.0.


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