Removing cygwin32-*, cygwin64-*

Achim Gratz
Sun Feb 14 07:47:00 GMT 2016

Tony Kelman writes:
> Would this impact the ability to upload package builds via cygport --32 ?
> I just tried
> $ cygport --32 p7zip-15.09-2.cygport upload
> /usr/share/cygport/lib/compilers.cygpart: line 287: i686-pc-cygwin-gcc:
> command not found
> from within 64 bit cygwin on my new system that doesn't have the cygwin32
> cross compilers installed yet. This can be convenient to upload both
> (cross-building cygwin packages hasn't worked for me either the few times
> I've tried, but uploading has) from within the same authenticated ssh
> session in a 64 bit terminal rather than having to also unlock my key in
> the 32 bit terminal. I use a 32 bit terminal for building, but have the
> build trees all under my 64-bit home (/cygdrive/c/cygwin64/home/Tony/foo).

I guess that'd be fixable in cygport.  But if you are just worried about
having to enter the passphrase twice, you could use ssh-agent and then
ssh with agent forwarding into the second installation (or into both
from another box, as I do).

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