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Hi John,

Sidenote: This is the wrong mailing list.  cygwin-apps is for Cygwin
package maintainers only.  The user list is cygwin AT cygwin DOT com.
But, never mind for now.

On Feb 19 03:13, J2897 wrote:
> I've pretty much fixed my particular problem. I installed Cygwin years ago
> from another Windows account which I switched from to get rid of Current
> User registry problems. So I used Window's  takeown
> <http://ss64.com/nt/takeown.html>   command to recursively change the owner
> from my old account to my new account. I guess I should have just changed
> the owner to the Administrators group incase I ever need to switch again. I
> also reset the permissions of the source folders before backup as I think
> that's what may have caused the 'hist/install.txt' permission error. The
> "Cleanup of temporary directory problem" persists, although that may just be
> due to permission inheritance.

It would be nice to get a better description.  The code is obviously
rather new so there might be a bug lurking in the wings.  Please keep
in mind that Cygwin tries to emulate POSIX ACLs and permissions, unless
you mount a directory with the "noacl" mount flag.  So the permissions
created are reflecting POSIX defaults in the firsat place, not Windows

As for the permission problem, is it related to execute permissions?
If so, this might be by design, but I can't be too sure without
seeing the getfacl and icacls output of the *unchanged* permissions
generated by Cygwin.  So, ideally, can you provide getfacl and icacls
output for the temporary directory as well as a file in there created by
Duplicity?  I take it Duplicity *is* a Cygwin tool?

One thing you should avoid is to call icacls or using the Windows GUI to
change the permissions created by Cygwin.  The native Windows tools
might reorder the ACL which is bad in terms of emulating POSIX
permissions.  Please try to fix your problem with Cygwin's chmod or
setfacl instead and if Cygwin screwed up, it would be nice to learn
how so to fix that for the future... as long as it's clear that we're
emulating POSIX perms.


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