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Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Jul 18 08:19:00 GMT 2016

On Jul 17 01:02, Bill Zissimopoulos wrote:
> This package adds FUSE 2.8 support to Cygwin. FUSE is the well-known
> "Filesystem in Userspace" project for Linux and other platforms: [FUSE].
> FUSE file systems that use this package usually require minimal changes to
> run on Cygwin. For example, here are the pull requests I have submitted to
> SSHFS and FUSEPY to make them run on Cygwin: [SSHFS-PR], [FUSEPY-PR].
> FUSE file systems that use this package will expose a file system not just
> to Cygwin, but to ALL of Windows (i.e. Explorer, cmd.exe and all of
> Windows apps will be able to access their files). For this to work the
> cygfuse.dll in the package needs to interface with a kernel mode
> component, which does NOT ship as part of this package.
> Which brings me to a large caveat with this package. The package has an
> external dependency on my own open source project called WinFsp [WINFSP].
> WinFsp includes the necessary kernel-mode driver that enables the
> FUSE-like functionality on Windows. Unfortunately this driver can only be
> built with Microsoft tools. Furthermore it must be signed with an EV
> certificate (and going forward Microsoft will soon require that they sign
> every kernel mode driver themselves through the sysdev portal).
> For this reason you cannot simply get the source code for the FUSE cygport
> and WinFsp and compile everything from scratch. This is not a licensing
> issue (all code is AGPLv3), but a tools/signing issue. The alternatives
> are:
> 1. Accept the FUSE cygport package as is. Understand that it requires
> prior installation of WinFsp in order to properly work.
> 2. Accept the FUSE cygport package, but require that the package downloads
> and installs the WinFsp MSI (perhaps as part of its post install process).
> 3. Reject this package.
> I have currently implemented option (1) but I am happy to change to option
> (2). The package files can be found at [CYGFUSE]. The source code for the
> package can be found under the opt/cygfuse directory in this repository:

I'm ok with whatever you guys come up with (baring licensing requirements).
Just one comment:

Bill, you're aware that the code for the "nobody" handling is not yet in
the Cygwin git repo?  If your code requires the patch, it won't work
with current Cygwin 2.5.2, nor with any developer snapshot.

Btw., I didn't apply it yet because I was still waiting for a mailing
list reply to https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2016-06/msg00460.html
On second thought, this didn't look like a question, much.  So, what do
you prefer?


Personally I like the third variation but I'm not religious about it.


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