calm (mksetupini): Allow a missing curr version

Jon Turney
Mon Jul 18 16:22:00 GMT 2016

On 16/07/2016 17:48, Ken Brown wrote:
> If a package has no curr version, mksetupini will emit a warning and
> later fail, as in the following example[*]:
> package 'perl' doesn't have a curr version
> The first of the two attached patches prevents the failure.  The second
> provides a user option to suppress the warning.
> Ken
> [*] Here I had built perl-5.24.0 for my own use and put it in my local
> repository as a test version.

Thanks for the patches.

I'd been wondering if a package with no curr, only test versions made 
any sense at all, but I guess this example makes it clear while it's 
probably not very useful in calm, it could be useful in the mksetupini, 
where the output is an overlay setup.ini which is going to be merged by 
setup with a setup.ini which does have a curr version...

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