[ITP] FUSE 2.8

Bill Zissimopoulos billziss@navimatics.com
Tue Jul 19 17:27:00 GMT 2016

On 7/19/16, 2:41 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>Let's just try how it looks like.  I applied the patch using
>"nodomain+nobody" for now and uploaded a developer snapshot to

Hi, Corinna:

Here is simple SSHFS output with the patched cygwin1.dll:

    billziss@windows:/cygdrive/y$ ls -l
    total 12
    -r--r--r-- 1 nodomain+nobody nodomain+nobody 15 Jun 23 23:57 Foo.txt
    ---------- 1 nodomain+nobody nodomain+nobody 15 Jul 15 16:48
    d--------- 1 nodomain+nobody nodomain+nobody  0 Jul 15 16:49 opt

And here are the actual permissions reported to the OS (and Cygwin):

    billziss@windows:/cygdrive/y$ for f in *; do cacls $f /S; done



You will note that nodomain+nobody is used for both user and group. Which
my understanding is that it is legal in Windows. [I note however that
Cygwin is able to distinguish between Unknown+User and Unknown+Group.]

Let me know what you think.


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