[ITP] FUSE 2.8

Bill Zissimopoulos billziss@navimatics.com
Tue Jul 26 23:22:00 GMT 2016

On 7/26/16, 12:02 PM, Mark Geisert wrote:

>If this turns out to be a workable solution, I am willing to be maintainer
>of the glue library Bill is offering.

I have created a new repository here:


It contains the following:

- fuse.cygport
- cygfuse.c
    - The implementation of cygfuse.dll; this is WinFsp specific at this
- fuse.pc.in
    - Pkg-config file.
- inc/fuse
    - FUSE headers from the WinFsp project.

The FUSE headers may give the future maintainer some trouble. They are
admittedly a convoluted way of doing things. At the time I wrote them I
wanted them to serve as public headers offering a FUSE API for native
*and* Cygwin apps. I also wanted to have the option of not needing to link
with a libfuse.a or cygfuse.dll, thence the heavy use of “static inline”.

I expect that a future maintainer would refactor those heavily or perhaps
ditch them altogether and switch to the libfuse headers.]

To build the FUSE package, try:

    $ make cygport
    $ cd fuse-2.8-4.x86_64/dist/fuse/
    $ tar -C/ -xaf fuse-2.8-4.tar.xz

To test that things work, clone my sshfs repo from:


And issue the following commands:

    $ autoreconf -i
    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ ./sshfs -o idmap=user user@host: Y:	# do this from a non-admin prompt
    $ pkill sshfs

I have not changed the license yet, but will do so if Mark (or someone
else) takes over the repo.


PS: I am going AWOL this Friday.

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