[ITP] FUSE 2.8

Bill Zissimopoulos billziss@navimatics.com
Thu Jul 28 16:36:00 GMT 2016

On 7/28/16, Mark Geisert wrote:

>Bill Zissimopoulos wrote:
>> Please be mindful if you intend to test that the current released binary
>> of WinFsp does not support Windows 7. This is because the last release
>> erroneously uses a Windows 8 only API (GetOverlappedResultEx).
>It's your call obviously but do you want to forgo Win 7 support when many
>of the 
>kind of developers who might be interested in FUSE on Windows are
>delaying or 
>not bothering to upgrade to Win 8.x or Win 10 for various reasons?

I agree. Win7 support will return soon. I am trying to get this fixed
before I leave tomorrow, but I also have some real (as in paying) work to
do so no guarantees.

>Is there an alternative to that particular API that would allow Win 7

This particular problem has been fixed by a combination of
WaitForSingleObject and GetOverlappedResult (GetOverlappedResultEx is
really a wrapper around WaitForSingeObject). But I have also discovered
another issue that is less trivial.

>Your detailed build instructions worked fine for me.  I'll be unable to
>until I set up a Win 8.x or Win 10 VM at some point.  But so far so good.

I am going to really try to get that Win 7 supporting build out by the end
of Thursday (Pacific time).

>Since this cygfuse glue DLL is a separate package from your FUSE
>I guess it'll need a separate ITP.  Will you do the initial package
>upload and 
>then turn maintainership over to me, or would you prefer I own the
>package from 
>the start?  Either way OK with me.  I guess whoever will be doing the
>upload should be the ITP submitter as well.

Actually my ITP submission is this cygfuse DLL. Based on what you write
above it looks like you are happy to become the maintainer(?). If yes, it
would perhaps make sense for you to resubmit the package.

Please let me know if you agree and I will place the package under the BSD
and transfer ownership to you on GitHub.


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