[ACTION REQUIRED] ARCH=noarch uploads with cygport 0.22.0

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Mon Jun 6 22:24:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-05-10 17:11, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> Package Maintainers,
> cygport 0.22.0 is on its way to the mirrors.  With this release, and
> thanks to Jon Turney's continuing work on calm (the replacement for
> upset which generates setup.ini), packages marked ARCH=noarch will be
> uploaded once under the /noarch/release hierarchy instead of into each
> of /x86/release and /x86_64/release.  This change is intended to save
> disk space and bandwidth for both sourceware and our mirrors.
> A package should be marked ARCH=noarch IF AND ONLY IF *all* subpackages
> thereof do not contain anything compiled with the *native* gcc, and the
> file contents are (or can be) 100% identical for x86 and x86_64.
> Examples include, but are not limited to, packages which contain only:
> * documentation;
> * scripts;
> * fonts;
> * icon themes;
> * other runtime data;
> * C/C++ headers without a library;
> * libraries for cross-compiler toolchains.
> * pure Lua/Perl/Python/Ruby/Tcl modules without C/C++ bindings.
> Once you have upgraded to cygport 0.22.0, maintainers MUST email a list
> of their package(s) which qualify as noarch AND are already marked
> ARCH=noarch or will be with the next release.  (Note that inheriting
> cross.cygclass implies ARCH=noarch.)  A new release is NOT necessary
> just to add ARCH=noarch to the .cygport, just that it should be added
> locally so as to be included in the next release.  We will then move
> these packages into /noarch/release on sourceware and acknowledge such,
> at which point you are clear to upload future releases.

So far we have managed to reduce the download area by 20% (16.8 GiB), 
which is great progress.  Thank you all for helping make this happen.

The attached list contains packages which on the surface appear to be 
noarch but haven't been moved yet.  PLEASE **DOUBLE-CHECK** your 
packages on this list, and if your package qualifies, proceed as above. 
If not, please state why for future reference.

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Achim Gratz			perl-common-sense
Achim Gratz			perl-File-Find-Object
Achim Gratz			perl-File-Find-Object-Rule
Achim Gratz			perl-File-Find-Object-Rule
Achim Gratz			perl-IO-Socket-INET6
Achim Gratz/Yaakov Selkowitz	perl-IO-Socket-IP
Achim Gratz			perl-Module-Build
Achim Gratz			perl-Path-Class
Achim Gratz			perl-Test-Differences
Achim Gratz			perl-Test-TrailingSpace
Achim Gratz/Ken Brown		perl-Text-Glob
Corinna Vinschen		eventlog
Dave Kilroy			chere
David Rothenberger		git-review
David Rothenberger		scons
David Rothenberger		svn_load_dirs
Dr. Volker Zell			ghostscript-fonts-other
Dr. Volker Zell			ghostscript-fonts-std
Dr. Volker Zell			initscripts
Dr. Volker Zell			texi2html
Eric Blake			bashdb
Jari Aalto			apngtools
Jari Aalto			archivemail
Jari Aalto			bsfilter
Jari Aalto			cfget
Jari Aalto			cfv
Jari Aalto			checkbashisms
Jari Aalto			chewmail
Jari Aalto			code2html
Jari Aalto			codeville
Jari Aalto			colorgcc
Jari Aalto			convmv
Jari Aalto			copyright-update
Jari Aalto			ddir
Jari Aalto			flawfinder
Jari Aalto			getmail
Jari Aalto			git-oodiff
Jari Aalto			grepmail
Jari Aalto			gt5
Jari Aalto			guilt
Jari Aalto			ipcalc
Jari Aalto			keychain
Jari Aalto			linklint
Jari Aalto			makepasswd
Jari Aalto			makeself
Jari Aalto			mboxcheck
Jari Aalto			offlineimap
Jari Aalto			oodiff
Jari Aalto			patcher
Jari Aalto			pwget
Jari Aalto			pylint
Jari Aalto			python-paramiko
Jari Aalto			quilt
Jari Aalto			rdtool
Jari Aalto			rsnapshot
Jari Aalto			sendxmpp
Jari Aalto			signify
Jari Aalto			spambayes
Jari Aalto			splitpatch
Jari Aalto			stgit
Jari Aalto			svn-load
Jari Aalto			tailor
Jari Aalto			tnftp
Jari Aalto			txt2regex
Jari Aalto			urlgrabber
Jari Aalto			webcheck
Jari Aalto			xlsx2csv
Jon Turney			buildbot-slave
Jon Turney			cygwin-doc
Jon Turney			cygwin-x-doc
Jon Turney			khronos-opengl-registry
Jonathan Yong			w32api-headers
Ken Brown			_update-info-dir
Marco Atzeri			octave-level-set
Mikhail Usenko			cygcheck-dep
ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)	autobuild
ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)	gcc-tools-epoch1-autoconf
ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)	gcc-tools-epoch1-automake
ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)	gcc-tools-epoch2-autoconf
ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)	gcc-tools-epoch2-automake
ORPHANED (Eric Blake)		asciidoc
ORPHANED (Kostya Altukhov)	colordiff
Serge Lamikhov-Center		ELFIO
Tony Kelman			python-sphinx
Yaakov Selkowitz		python-openssl
Yaakov Selkowitz		python3-openssl
Yaakov Selkowitz		zinnia-tomoe

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