HEADSUP: gdbm ABI on x86

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Mon Oct 10 19:55:00 GMT 2016

Some background:

The version of gdbm in the 32-bit distro was actually ABI 3 but carried 
a patch from the previous maintainer to artificially bump it to 4 for 
extraneous reasons.  The current version of gdbm really is ABI 4 
however, and not wanting to carry a patch indefinitely, I had not 
updated gdbm since I adopted it.  (The 64-bit distro had a newer version 
from the beginning and so was unburdened by this historical baggage.)

After closely examining the API changes between 1.8.3 (ABI 3) and 1.9+ 
(ABI 4) as well as how the library is typically used, I believe they are 
sufficiently compatible on 32-bit architectures.  Therefore, I have 
proceeded to update the x86 gdbm to finally match the current upstream 
(and our x86_64 package), but strongly recommend that packages which use 
gdbm be rebuilt with libgdbm-devel-1.12-1 ASAP to be safe.

Besides my own packages, the following are affected:

clisp                                        Ken Brown
exim                                         Pierre A. Humblet
libaprutil1                                  David Rothenberger
mutt                                         Marco Atzeri
nmh                                          David Levine
perl                                         Achim Gratz
qsf                                          Jari Aalto
suck                                         Jari Aalto
zsh                                          Peter A. Castro



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