Marco Atzeri
Tue Oct 11 10:57:00 GMT 2016

Hi Jon,
following our previous discussion about setup.hint transition.
As Yaakov asked to rebuild mutt, that I just rebuild last week
I have the problem of what to do of the current "setup.hint",
as "calm" did not allow to remove last time.

Current situation

mutt-1.7.0-1-src.tar.xz       27-Aug-2016 21:00      4M
mutt-1.7.0-1.tar.xz           27-Aug-2016 21:00      1M
mutt-1.7.1-1-src.tar.xz       09-Oct-2016 13:26      4M
mutt-1.7.1-1.hint             09-Oct-2016 13:26     242
mutt-1.7.1-1.tar.xz           09-Oct-2016 13:26      1M
setup.hint                    27-Aug-2016 21:00     242

If I upload a mutt-1.7.1-2 version and remove completely mutt-1.7.0-1
the remaining setup.hint will refer to a not more existing

Let me know how to proceed.
No hurry, I will have no time for a new release before next week


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