HEADSUP: gdbm ABI on x86

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Tue Oct 11 19:24:00 GMT 2016

Yaakov Selkowitz writes:
> After closely examining the API changes between 1.8.3 (ABI 3) and 1.9+
> (ABI 4) as well as how the library is typically used, I believe they
> are sufficiently compatible on 32-bit architectures.  Therefore, I
> have proceeded to update the x86 gdbm to finally match the current
> upstream (and our x86_64 package), but strongly recommend that
> packages which use gdbm be rebuilt with libgdbm-devel-1.12-1 ASAP to
> be safe.
> Besides my own packages, the following are affected:
> perl                                         Achim Gratz

I am still waiting for 5.22.3 to be released upstream.  Apparently some
security fix is still controversial, so I don't think the release will
happen very soon.  I have however run all the tests on x86 again after
updating Cygwin and they still pass, so I'd think we are OK without a
rebuild at the moment.

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