[PATCH setup] Add --allow-unsupported-windows option

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Jan 23 10:38:00 GMT 2017

On Jan 22 14:27, Jon Turney wrote:
> This patch was suggested in a discussion with Peter Castro.
> The concern is that using old versions of setup to install time machine
> mirrors is not ideal, as it misses possible fixes in newer versions of
> setup.
> However, we do want to make it hard for someone to destroy their working XP
> installation, so allowing setup to simply run on XP, which will break it by
> upgrading it to the latest version (which doesn't work on XP), seems
> contraindicated.
> When --allow-unsupported-windows is on:
> - Don't check the windows version
> - Don't read the mirror list from cygwin.com
> - Don't use any stored mirror selection in the 'last-mirror' key (as this
> may point to a cygwin mirror, which, if we install from will break things)
> - Retain the mirror selection (presumably a time machine circa given with
> --site or via the GUI) in an alternate key 'last-mirror-unsupported'
> Also, for discoverability, rearrange things so --help works even on
> unsupported windows versions



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