[PATCH setup 0/3] Fix "extrakeys" issues

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Tue Nov 28 15:28:00 GMT 2017

On 11/28/2017 9:56 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
> The "extrakeys" user setting contains saved extra gpg keys.  It was
> introduced in 2009 to replace the use of a file
> /etc/setup/last-extrakeys.  It has apparently never worked right.
> Here are the issues I've found:
>   - User settings are read and written as NUL-terminated strings, but
>     extra keys are terminated by LF instead.  On writing, this causes
>     garbage to be written into setup.rc.  On reading, this causes the
>     final saved key to be discarded.
>   - The ExtraKeysSetting constructor calls count_keys() without setting
>     bufsize to a positive value.  This causes *all* saved keys to be
>     discarded.
>   - Saved keys contain several '#' characters.  These are treated as
>     comment characters in setup.rc, so that all keys are truncated when
>     read.
>   - There are still references to the "last-extrakeys" file in comments
>     and in a help string.
> This patch series attempts to fix all these problems.  In the case of
> '#', the fix is to treat '#' as a comment character only if it's the
> first non-whitespace character on a line.  I don't think this will
> cause problems for any existing uses of '#', but I haven't done a
> thorough check of this yet.

I've now made a pretty complete search, and the only use of a comment in 
setup.rc I can find is the one in site.cc.  When reading and writing 
lists of URLs, it treats '#' as a comment only at the beginning of a 
line.  So I think my change is safe.


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