[setup topic/libsolv] Packages contained in multiple repositories

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Thu Oct 19 17:14:00 GMT 2017

Jon Turney writes:
>> Extrapolating from my experience with zypper, libsolv should stick with
>> the repo the installed package comes from even if some other repo has a
>> newer version.
> Unfortunately, we are limited by the fact that installed.db doesn't
> record which repo an installed package came from.

Which is something we might eventually change, but yes, we can't use
that information at the moment if we can't figure out the sourtce repo
by looking at the version.

> We map repo setup.ini release: labels to package vendor names, so we
> assume it's 'Cygwin' for an installed package (package_db.cc:115), and
> run the solver with SOLVER_FLAG_ALLOW_VENDORCHANGE on (libsolv.cc:745)
> to allow it to get upgraded by a package in the repo it actually came
> from, but we've forgotten.

Well actually zypper does the same thing if you have a package
installed, but it's gone from the repos (we'd call that an orphan
package): it'll show up as "@System" instead of the repo it came from

> I'm not overly concerned about this: we don't define what happens in
> this situation currently, and if the packages are identical, it's no
> problem.

As long as the repos we're installing from use coordinated
version/release numbers, then we could map them correctly as long as the
packages are not orphaned.  That would also allow to correctly
"transfer" a package from a hypothetical "test" repo into the "current"
repo, regardless of when it was originally installed.

> If the packages are the same version but have different contents,
> you're asking for problems, although I guess it would be nice to do
> something defined in that situation.

I think that the multiple repositories situation for zypper is still
expected to provide either different versions or the same content.  At
least all the repositories that I'm aware of (that are supposed to work
together) keep things that way.

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