setup and colons in filenames

Jon Turney
Thu Oct 26 16:14:00 GMT 2017

On 25/10/2017 20:23, Jon Turney wrote:
> On 25/10/2017 16:50, Ken Brown wrote:
>> This is a followup to the thread started here:
>> Currently setup's parse_filename is not correctly parsing filenames in 
>> /etc/setup/installed.db that contain colons, as explained in the above 
>> thread.  It would be easy to fix this by just ripping out the 'base' 
>> function, except for the fact that parse_filename is called by 
>> ScanFindVisitor::visitFile.
> Since older setup cannot correctly parse an installed.db containing 
> filenames like that, we should probably bump the installed.db version at 
> the same time as fixing this.
>> I don't know enough about WIN32_FIND_DATA to know whether the call to 
>> 'base' is needed for that use of parse_filename.  If so, is it safe to 
>> skip all colons in that setting, since we're dealing with Win32 
>> filenames and they don't see the colons in Cygwin filenames?
> Yeah, that's about as far as I got before giving up...
>> Do we need two versions of parse_filename, one that calls base and one 
>> that doesn't?
> This might be the easiest solution :)

It gets better:  We only go down the whole route of using 
ScanFindVisitor::visitFile() from do_from_local_dir() if we couldn't 
find an .ini file.

If there's no .ini file found, we look at every package archive and
parse the version out of the archive filename.

This seems a really odd thing to do, as we've no idea about the 
dependencies of these packages, so installing them is unlikely work well.

Removing all the setup.ini files from my package directory, the good 
news is that WIN32_FIND_DATA just returns the filename, not a full 
pathname, so this use of base() isn't needed, either.

The bad news is that setup then exits (this works ok in 2.882, so 
something's got broken somewhere...)

I'm kind of tempted to remove this mis-feature.

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