setup and colons in filenames

Achim Gratz
Thu Oct 26 17:42:00 GMT 2017

Jon Turney writes:
> This seems a really odd thing to do, as we've no idea about the
> dependencies of these packages, so installing them is unlikely work
> well.

This particular code path was vetoed from getting thrown out last time I
worked in that area since it would break long-standing expectations
w.r.t. local package archoves that have no setup.ini or even *.hint.

> I'm kind of tempted to remove this mis-feature.

In a properly maintained mirror or local archive it is a mis-feature.  I
was told not everyone wants to have to do the extra steps of doing that
maintenance.  At least if we detect what should be a proper package repo
we don't additionally look at all the files anymore.

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