setup and colons in filenames

Jon Turney
Fri Oct 27 13:43:00 GMT 2017

On 26/10/2017 19:25, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Jon Turney writes:
>> Achim Gratz wrote:
>>> Jon Turney writes:
>>>> This seems a really odd thing to do, as we've no idea about the
>>>> dependencies of these packages, so installing them is unlikely work
>>>> well.
>>> This particular code path was vetoed from getting thrown out last time I
>>> worked in that area since it would break long-standing expectations
>>> w.r.t. local package archives that have no setup.ini or even *.hint. 
>>> Can we have a link to that discussion, please?
>> It's somewhere in that thread from June 2015 related to the changes
>> between 2.871 and 2.873.  Also one of the intermediate versions got
>> complaints due to that code path not working correctly.

Using your clues, the only seemingly relevant discussion I found was 
starting at [1], but I can't find where it says anything like that.

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