setup and colons in filenames

Jon Turney
Fri Oct 27 13:44:00 GMT 2017

On 27/10/2017 11:40, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
>> It would be pretty neat if genini could be simplified(*), so a mortal user
>> can just run it with a directory as parameter and it creates a setup.ini
>> file at the top-level of that dir without too much complaining about
>> missing sources etc.

I've worked on [1] a bit so it now contains some instructions how to do 
this, rather than the previous state of affairs, which was "genini 
exists, work it out yourself"


>> (*) Or better: A user version of calm, packaged in the distro.

Um, we have had this for a while [2], mksetupini is the tool to use if 
you don't need all the extra stuff which calm does.


I guess mksetupini could have more friendly defaults to make the command 
lines in [1] shorter if that really scares people off (e.g. default 
--inifile to stdout, --releasearea to '.' and to 
--okmissing=required-package (then need a way to turn it back on, though))

> For better or worse, genini is dead and replaced by mksetupini.  The
> latter is way more picky with having the correct hint files around and
> often refuses to create a setup.ini if it finds something it doesn't
> like.

Not dead, just resting.  Until someone patches it to understand pvr.hint 

I make no apologies for mksetupini being more strict, though.

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