[ITA] ghostscript, ghostscript-fonts-std, ghostscript-fonts-other

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Tue Oct 31 18:19:00 GMT 2017

On 10/31/2017 12:56 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 10/30/2017 5:55 PM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
>> It would
>> also be nice if the updated URW fonts[2] would also be installed under
>> e.g. /usr/share/fonts/urw-base35.
> Is the attached what you had in mind?  Following Fedora, I only packaged 
> *.t1 and *.afm files, even though the source package also contains *.otf 
> and *.ttf.

Or did I misunderstand the second "also" in your mail above?  Wouldn't 
it suffice to just install the fonts in /usr/share/fonts/urw-base35 and 
add this to the ghostscript search path?


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