cygport for simple package addon: skip prep?

Marco Atzeri
Sat Dec 8 17:29:00 GMT 2018

Am 07.12.2018 um 23:42 schrieb Heavenly Avenger:
> I am trying to write a cygport file for an extension to docbook-xsl
> called mathml.

In general you should ask this question on the cygwin mailing list.
This one is for discussion between package maintainer, or are
you planning to become one ?

> The latest version of the DTD file is at
>${VERSION}/dbmathml.dtd, and it is not
> zipped nor packaged in any way.
> The package consists on just a single .DTD file and I can't figure out
> how to make cygport "skip" the unpack attempt during "cygport prep". I
> might need to just copy the file into what it assumes to be the package
> directory, then during compile/install time, just copy over the file to
> the correct location, and determine that as the package's contents.

My solution for similar issue is to make a dummy source package with
just a readme inside

src_compile() {

src_install() {
         # copy of the data from ...

         cd ${D}/usr/share/doc/docbook-xml...

> I have this debian package as a base to what should be in the package
> file:
> It seems to be a so basic addition that cygport is kind of too complex
> for it -- but it would be useful as a way to "remember" installation
> steps required on cygwin, if the correct setup instructions are saved in 
> a cygport file.
> Any ideas and directions are welcome. If you know a cygwin package in a
> similar format (just installs a file that it downloads in its original,
> uncompressed format), that'd be of great help as well.
> Thanks in advance!

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