Advice needed on ffcall packaging

Ken Brown
Tue Feb 20 15:48:00 GMT 2018

A few years ago I adopted ffcall (32-bit only) in order to keep it from 
disappearing from the distro:

The latest upstream release builds on 64-bit Cygwin, so I'd like to 
update the package, and I'd like to find a sensible way of breaking it 
up into subpackages.  Here are the relevant facts:

1. Cygwin's existing (32-bit) ffcall is really a devel package: It 
consists of headers, four (static) libs, and documentation.  There are 
no subpackages and no shared libs.  The static libs are


2. The build of the current release produces the same four static libs, 
plus shared versions of the first three, plus a new lib, both static and 
shared (libffcall.a and cygffcall-0.dll).

If I were starting from scratch, I would have three packages: ffcall, 
libffcall0, and libffcall-devel.  ffcall would be source only; 
libffcall0 would contain the shared libs *.dll; and libffcall-devel 
would contain the headers, the import libs *.dll.a, and the one static 
lib for which there is no shared version.  I wouldn't ship the other 
static libs unless I discover later that they're needed for some reason.

But I'm not starting from scratch, and users of the existing ffcall will 
need the new libffcall-devel.  I can think of two possibilities for 
handling this:

A) Pretend that I'm starting from scratch, and deal with the fallout. 
There probably won't be any, since ffcall is not currently required by 
any other package.  As far as I know, its only use is that it's a build 
requirement for clisp, which I maintain.

B) Make three packages as above, with the source-only package being 
called libffcall instead of ffcall.  (libffcall is the upstream name 
anyway.)  I could then make libffcall-devel obsolete ffcall.

For the record, here's what Fedora does: Until a few months ago, there 
was only one package, ffcall, which contained everything.  At that time 
they created two subpackages, ffcall-devel and ffcall-static. 
ffcall-devel corresponds to my proposed libffcall-devel; ffcall-static 
contains all the static libs; and plain ffcall more-or-less corresponds 
to my proposed libffcall0.  This doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Maybe this is much ado about nothing, but I'd appreciate advice.


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