setup libsolv: getting rid of ".any"

Jon Turney
Fri Jan 5 14:08:00 GMT 2018

On 13/12/2017 00:04, Ken Brown wrote:
> I've been trying to think of a way to get rid of the suffix ".any" that 
> gets appended to package names.  I think users will be confused by this 
> when they see it in log files and, more importantly, in problem reports. 
>   The only thing I can come up with is patching libsolv so that 
> pool_solvable2str() suppresses 'arch' when arch == ARCH_ANY.  Can you 
> think of a better way?

Ideally, we'd have the actual archness of the package, but we don't have 
that information for installed packages, so I didn't bother with keeping 
it around for anything.

I'm not too worried about this appearing in the log file, but we could 
post-process problem strings in SolverSolution::report() to remove '.any'

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