setup libsolv UI: Silently install dependencies?

Jon Turney
Tue Jan 9 13:25:00 GMT 2018

On 25/12/2017 19:18, Ken Brown wrote:
> [Side comment: Jon, in v2 of commit 9367283, you removed some newlines, 
> saying that they weren't needed because wrapping would be done.  But I'm 
> not seeing that wrapping; I have to scroll horizontally to see the whole 
> text.]

Yeah, what I wrote was nonsense.

I think it's a bit visually inconsistent to put fixed linebreaks into 
this text.  I think it would be more consistent to either (i) wrap at 
the width of the edittext control, or (ii) not wrapped at all (like the 

I'm not sure if (ii) is achievable, though (perhaps with an 
EditWordBreakProc function?).

Or maybe just remove the hscroll style so everything gets wrapped?

I think I'll just put it back the way you had it, for the moment.

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