AW: AW: [ITP] Mini-XML (mxml)

David Stacey
Tue Jan 9 23:55:00 GMT 2018

On 09/01/18 22:17, Stefan Köpsell wrote:
> I do not plan to ITPing something which uses Mini-XML -- because it seems that not so many other software packages are actually depend on it. And the ones I found in Debian do not attract me.
> But the reason I like to have the library in Cygwin is, that several of our projects depend on the library - and it makes contributing more easy, if the library is available as Cygwin package.
> But I understand that this argument might not be very convincing.

I don't think that the absence of another package using MiniXML should 
necessarily exclude it from Cygwin. Historically, we've only required 
that a package be available in at least one major Linux distro, and not 
come with any non-free baggage. Besides, MiniXML has an executable 
(mxmldoc) that uses the library.

I've taken a brief look at your packages. You've created two top-level 
packages, each with its own source package, which isn't right. There 
should be one single source package that creates 'mxml' plus two 
additional sub-packages as follows:

- mxml, containing mxmldoc, its man page, 'COPYING' and 'README';
- libmxml1, containing the DLL (only); and
- libmxml-devel, containing the header files and lib.

If you want to see how to split a package into a library and devel 
sub-packages, there are probably dozens of examples in Cygwin - take a 
look at the Cygwin sources for 'tinyxml2' or 'pugixml' for inspiration. 
These are fairly simple libraries split into sub-packages.

Hope this helps,


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