AW: AW: [ITP] Mini-XML (mxml)

Achim Gratz
Wed Jan 10 16:34:00 GMT 2018

Stefan Köpsell writes:
> The only answer I have is, that I do not plan to ITPing something
> which uses Mini-XML -- because it seems that not so many other
> software packages are actually depend on it. And the ones I found in
> Debian do not attract me.  But the reason I like to have the library
> in Cygwin is, that several of our projects depend on the library - and
> it makes contributing more easy, if the library is available as Cygwin
> package.

If that's the only reason, you might want to provide your own repository
that you then use together with the main Cygwin one.

> But I understand that this argument might not be very convincing.

That isn't the only factor in the decision, but since we already have a
bunch of XML libraries I'd personally ask what's wrong with those that
the new package does better.  It appears that the package is in
EPEL/CentOS7 and openSUSE, so that would tip the scales somewhat in favor of
including it in Cygwin as well.

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