Planned setup.ini changes for early 2018

Achim Gratz
Thu Jan 11 18:30:00 GMT 2018

Jon Turney writes:
> * Add depends: to version descriptions
> This is a version-specific list of required packages (as opposed to
> requires:, which is per-package, and contains the union of the
> dependencies for all versions).
> I believe that historical setup versions will either ignore, or can
> handle depends: (just containing package names, without version
> relations) relatively sanely (see [1] et seq. for details).

I still think that we should revise the setup.ini syntax more thoroughly
and make a cut for setup 3.x.

> * De-duplicate source archives
> Source archives which are identical[2] between x86 and x86_64 will be
> moved to paths starting src/ in the release area.

No, please not.  Not another stupid directory tree that has more
directories than there are files.  Put these in noarch/ and arrange for
setup to be able to install both from noarch/ and $arch/ so that we can
also de-duplicate things like debuginfo and documentation down the road.

> Doing post-hoc de-duplication is unfortunate, but worthwhile given the
> potential size saving in mirrors (see [3] et seq.), until cygport can
> be taught how to make suitable source packages (which has several
> unresolved issues, also discussed at [3], [4] et seq.).

That isn't all that difficult to do if you could require that cygport
arranges for the same package always to be built for both architectures
(unless explicitly told otherwise) and have architecture-specific build
directories.  In the few cases where this is not possible, we can still
de-duplicate the package files without problems.

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