Remove legacy networking code

Jon Turney
Sun Jan 28 21:47:00 GMT 2018

On 26/01/2018 16:56, SZAVAI Gyula wrote:
> [PATCH setup 1/5] Remove direct(legacy) connection type
> [PATCH setup 2/5] Rename IDC_NET_IE5 to IDC_NET_PRECONFIG
> [PATCH setup 3/5] Remove NetIO_File
> [PATCH setup 4/5] Add Proxy class
> [PATCH setup 5/5] Remove NetIO_HTTP

Thanks, this is great.

A few minor comments:


It would be nice if you'd said in the patch commentary what will happen 
to existing installations which are configured to use direct(legacy) - 
they get converted to preconfig.


This changes to wininet handling all file access (converting raw paths 
into file:// format URLs)

I had some concerns [1] that this maybe changes the set of malformed 
file:// URLs we handle (which is ok, although it would be nice to know 
the details), and still doesn't handle correctly formed ones.



operator!= could probably use a comment along the lines of "it's only 
meaningful to compare host:port if IDC_NET_PROXY"

It's unclear to me what Proxy::bypass() is doing.  MSDN actually says 
"Do not use an empty string", for unclear reasons.

We can also remove simpsock.{cc,h} and linking with winsock, after this 

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