setup 2.885 release candidate - please test

Achim Gratz
Mon Jan 29 19:20:00 GMT 2018

Jon Turney writes:
> Since this contains many internal changes, I think this could use some
> wider testing before being deployed. Please test and report any
> problems here.

I've built these myself, but I don't think that changes anything below.

> User visible changes:
> - 'Current' is replaced by 'Best' (which is slightly different in ways
> it's difficult to summarize briefly) and 'Sync' (which exposes the
> --force-current option through the UI).  These are modified by a
> 'Test' checkbox, which allows test packages to be used.

I am always running setup with options to install a selected category w/
orphan removal and removal of non-selected packages.  The selected
category comprises _all_ packages that are supposed to be installed, so
no dependencies need to be found.

In order to see what's going on I also selected chooser mode (the normal
install just does whatever it's told to do).  That still works
apparently, but whenever I click anywhere to change the mode from "Best"
to something else and then back the transaction list gets emptied.  As I
said, I normally don't do this and clicking on those buttons serves no
useful purpose for me in that situation, but I think the result is still
wrong.  I think that maybe the command line parameters are forgotten
when doing this.

> - The "prereq" page showing dependencies which will be added is
> replaced by "problems" page showing problems found by the dependency
> solver, with default solutions.
> - A "confirm" page is added showing all the changes which will be made.

I've not actually commenced the installation yet due to other things I
want to fix first, so I can't say whether these two pages work.  I guess
I should not see them with my normal install script.  The interesting
part would be if they are skipped when non-interactive mode is given and
there was something to add due to dependencies?

> - Add support for 'depends2: package (relation version) [...]', in a
> version section in setup.ini

Those lines don't seem to get generated for all packages yet.  I
currently merge with requires: to produce a working setup.ini re-write
and will switch to using requires: when I find no depends2:.  Can I
assume that all versions have a depends2: line when I find one for

I don't like the syntax with the commas, could we just drop the space
between the package name and the paren for the version expression and
keep the version-relations separated by plain whitespace?

> - Add support for 'obsoletes:' in setup.ini, likewise

These don't appear to be produced by calm yet.  Also, it would be useful
if the obsoleted package showed the replacement package more explicitly,
so maybe "obsoleted-by:" instead of requires:/depends2:

> - Add support for 'replace-versions:' in a package section setup.ini,
> to indicate problematic versions.

Any examples for this yet?

As you surely know, all the new syntax is not yet described in

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