setup 2.885 release candidate - please test

Achim Gratz
Tue Jan 30 18:49:00 GMT 2018

Achim Gratz writes:
>> - Add support for 'depends2: package (relation version) [...]', in a
>> version section in setup.ini
> Those lines don't seem to get generated for all packages yet.  I
> currently merge with requires: to produce a working setup.ini re-write
> and will switch to using requires: when I find no depends2:.  Can I
> assume that all versions have a depends2: line when I find one for
> [curr]?

…and of course these are a result of the latest officially available
calm version not having those changes, so my local packages are still
using requires: lines.  Any chance you could relese a new calm version?

Other than that I think I've fixed up my setup rewriter so it can deal
with the new format correctly now and I've even managed to implement
explicit version pinning (which I had on TODO for almost three years,
but since before I've only had test, curr and prev for testing I've put
it up each time I looked at it).

Another thing I noticed today is that when packages get upgraded the
transaction list that gets printed to the console seems to always show
the removal of the old package _after_ the installation of the new
version.  I guess that will not happen in this order, but it looks
positiviely wierd on screen.

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