RFC: setup package in Base

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Thu Jul 5 19:26:00 GMT 2018

Ken Brown writes:
>> Not sure that when the setup package is upgraded, setup will be able
>> to remove itself, though.
> I've just tested this, and in fact the running setup doesn't remove itself.

It would have scared me if it did.

>> (Old setup-${VERSION}-${RELEASE}.exe lingering may be a price worth
>> paying, though)
> I think some users would find it confusing and annoying.  Maybe the
> setup package could provide a perpetual postinstall script that tries
> to remove old versions.

Hmm.  That doesn't sound appealing, just that I don't really know what
else to suggest.

Well, except getting rid of setup altogether in a way (I think I've
vented that idea before to howls of protest): Do the whole package
selection, download and local caching stuff from inside Cygwin and then
shut itself down and kick off a Win32 installer that makes it all
happen.  That installer could come with the base Cygwin since it's never
going to change and doesn't need to know know much beyond where to find
the Cygwin root and how to unpack from the cache dir.  Postinstall could
be forked out to dash.  When modularized in the right way the updater
could even be run as a service and/or around a regularly scheduled

I sort of have something like that running @work, I do all the package
selection, downloading and local repo setup with a perl script (so no
GUI) and only use setup to do the actual installation (selection of the
installation content via injected package groups).

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