[ITA] cmake 3.12.0

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 06:00:00 GMT 2018

Am 26.07.2018 um 02:50 schrieb Tony Kelman:
>> No, all I'm saying that there's a protocol for that.  The maintainer is
>> supposed to monitor this list
> I do read the mailing list, but don't write to it very often - composing a
> plain-text email is overly complicated with the mobile email clients I use
> most of the time, and I was traveling this past week.

Noted, thanks for the feedback.

> One of the main reasons I haven't put in the effort to update the cmake
> package is that recent versions of cmake have new dependencies which it
> vendors by default, which is not the way distros such as cygwin prefer to
> build things. For a cygwin packaging build of cmake (as with other tools),
> the "right way" is presumably to use system versions of all library
> dependencies. This would require an ITP on at least libuv, and any other
> new dependencies of cmake that the latest version has but 3.6 didn't.
> This might include rhash and json-cpp (looking at how msys2 has updated
> their packaging of cmake over time), but I'm not positive.

In general is better to have a separate package for any dependency;
it make much simpler to maintain all.

I am trying to build and pack libuv.
If I find no problem I will ITP it.

> If Ivan is willing to package and maintain libuv and any other new cmake
> dependencies so they can be de-vendored, I'm fine with him adopting cmake.
> For his own sake, I'd recommend doing a better job than I did of tracking
> down any test failures and pursuing upstreaming the cygwin patches. Many of
> those originate from Yaakov, and there is some past discussion on the list
> about a few of them. Those patches are kind of a pain to rebase with each
> new version, so working to upstream them will save time over the long run.

Can you manage a co-maintainership and guide him on the effort ?

> I haven't reviewed what Ivan has changed in the packaging, patches, etc.
> So heavy cygwin users of cmake, particularly packagers of other cmake-built
> programs and libraries, should carefully test out the new builds.


> -Tony


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