[PATCH setup v2 0/2] Improve the handling of command line package selection

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Thu Jun 7 17:37:00 GMT 2018

Suppose an installed package A gets updated because of the "--packages
A" command line option.  If A requires a version of package B higher
than the installed version, then B will also need to be updated.
Moreover, if the "--upgrade-also" option hasn't been specified, then
the global update mode will be "Keep", so libsolv will have to add the
upgrade of B.

These two patches attempt to make sure that this process is handled
smoothly.  First, the package database needs to be set up so that it
doesn't indicate that the user chose to keep B; this would cause
libsolv to report a problem.  Second, the "confirm" dialog should
indicate that the upgrade of B was automatically added.

v2: Rebase against current HEAD.

Ken Brown (2):
  Improve the preparation of the package database
  Fix detection of automatically added packages

 choose.cc     | 26 ++++++--------------------
 confirm.cc    |  2 +-
 libsolv.cc    | 11 +++--------
 package_db.cc | 12 ++++++++++++
 package_db.h  |  2 ++
 5 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 29 deletions(-)


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