mksetupini: Presence of both 'requires:' and 'depends:' in a PVR.hint file

Ken Brown
Sun Jun 24 18:28:00 GMT 2018

I'd like to add support to cygport for dependencies with version 
relations.  In the course of working on this, I was led to question the 
behavior of mksetupini when a PVR.hint file contains both a 'requires:' 
and a 'depends:' field [*].

Currently, the 'requires:' field gets propagated to the 'requires:' 
field of setup.ini, and the 'depends:' field gets propagated to the 
(version-specific) 'depends2:' field of setup.ini.  When setup parses 
setup.ini, the 'depends2:' field takes precedence over the 
(non-version-specific) 'requires:' field.

The net effect, then, is that the 'requires:' field of PVR.hint is 
ignored.  Wouldn't it make more sense for mksetupini to fold the 
'requires:' field into the 'depends2:' field of setup.ini? 
Alternatively, maybe we shouldn't allow PVR.hint to contain both 
'requires:' and 'depends:'


[*] I can't think of a good reason to create such a .hint file, but it 
appears to be allowed in

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