Problem with packagesource::sites in setup

Achim Gratz
Fri Mar 16 19:36:00 GMT 2018

Ken Brown writes:
> I think we're currently mishandling packagesource::sites when several
> libsolv repos contain the same version of a package.  If I'm not
> mistaken, we create a new packageversion pv for each repo, and
> pv.source()->sites contains a single site, corresponding to that repo.

That should normally not happen, I'm not sure what libsolv does in this
case in the absence of repo priorities (which would provide an ordering
among otherwise identical versions).

> So we never take advantage of the fact that we have more than one
> mirror (or mirror directory) from which we can potentially obtain an
> archive for the package.

That sort of thing is supposed to be handled at another level in the
distros using libsolv based installers (i.e. mirrorbrain).  WHile I
agree that this would be sensible behaviour for us, I don't know how
much we'd be relying on accidental behaviour.

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