[Bug] Re3gression in setup handling of SHA512 checksum failures

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Tue Mar 20 18:23:00 GMT 2018

I've found out the hard way that a dodgy package file no longer gets
ignored by setup and is installed without any error unless you care to
look in setup.log.full.  That was hard to figure out because in my case
some stupid error on mirroring just made each file miss a few bytes off
the end, so it was always the last file in the archive that went missing
on unpacking.  I think that's evil and needs to be fixed promptly, but I
have no time to do it myself right now.  I honestly don't remember if
the old setup did the uninstall part before not installing the no-good
package (it probably ddin't), but I suggest it shouldn't uninstall
anything that we don't have a good replacement for.  Also, the messages
that go to the console about SHA512 failures need to be reinstated (a
good check can keep quiet).

WIth libsolve it seems that we will have to calculate a new solution
once we have to drop a package from the solution due to SHA512 mismatch,
then check any new packages in that revised solution again.  So it seems
we need to keep state around whether the package archive was already
checked (lest we check everything again each time).

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