setup and 'provides:'

Achim Gratz
Mon Oct 8 20:04:00 GMT 2018

Ken Brown writes:
> I created a test repo with packages A, B, and C.  I made A require foo (not a 
> package), and I made B and C provide foo.  The attached script does all this 
> [**].  I then ran setup and selected A for installation.

That really only makes sense if several packages provide the same
feature(s).  So we'd need to bolt on a feature space in setup as well.

> The result was that libsolv simply chose B for installation, and setup showed 
> this in the "Confirm" dialog.  What I expected was that libsolv would report a 
> problem ("A requires foo but no selected or installed packages provide it"), 
> with two possible solutions ("Install B or C").  Is that expectation unreasonable?

Zypper would present you with a list of several potential solutions and
let you (incrementally if necessary) pick one of them.  I doubt that
will work nicely with the current setup UI.

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