SSH key for John Zaitseff

Jon Turney
Tue Dec 3 23:52:00 GMT 2019

On 03/12/2019 21:14, John Zaitseff wrote:
>>> Name: John Zaitseff
>>> Package: trader
>> Done.  Thanks.
> Thank you.  When I use sftp to connect to (as per
> the instructions at, I do
> not see the file "!packages".  Consequently, when I try to upload my
> trader package, as soon as I try to copy across any tar file, the
> connection is closed.  Is the missing "!packages" file an oversight,
> or am I simply being too eager and the file will be created in due
> course? :-)

The !packages files are updated by a separate process which runs at 0400 
UTC daily (mkpkgdir, which is a bit of a misnomer now, as it's only 
remaining useful function is to identify for removal the upload 
directories of maintainers who have given up all their packages)

But the !packages file is only there for historical and informational 
purposes, it's not involved in the upload authorization.

Furthermore, the restriction is not applied to the filenames you can 
upload, but to the processing we do on them after the sftp session has 
closed, so I think something else must be the cause of your connection 
being closed.

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