Updated: neomutt-2019-10-25-1

Federico Kircheis federico.kircheis@gmail.com
Sat Oct 26 05:33:00 GMT 2019

On October 25, 2019 6:55:16 PM UTC, Achim Gratz <Stromeko@nexgo.de> wrote:
>Federico Kircheis writes:
>> Version 2019-10-25-1 of neomutt has been uploaded.
>It hasn't, because that version number is not formatted correctly. 
>the extra dashes and try again, please.

Oh, sorry, my fault

I did not see the mails with the warnings :-/

The new neomutt version uses this version number, how do I lose the extra dashes?
Rename the tar package after the download? Remove them from the build folder before the upload?
Are there some reccomended practices?
Or does cygport provide some functionality out of the box?

I could not find much with a search, but I also do not know what exactly to search for.


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