cygport patches for consideration

Achim Gratz
Tue Apr 7 16:52:05 GMT 2020

Yaakov Selkowitz writes:
>>     support subdirectories in CPAN download URL
> There is no need for two variables to do the same thing.  I like
> Reini's idea but let's call it CPAN_SUBDIR instead.  What about the
> attached patch 0001?

Well, Reini's chimed in after he'd seen my patch and I just added that
functionality on top of what was already implemented and in use by
myself.  I guess I can change my cygport generator instead to use
CPAN_DIR when needed, but haven't got around doing so.

>>     pkg_info.cygport: correct search order for Perl dependencies
> Let's improve the auto-detection instead.  What about the attached
> patch 0002?

Autodetection just doesn't work, with both false positives and negatives
in spades.  Your proposed change probably produces more false negatives
with not much change in the false positive rate.  So why bother?

There are actually multiple modules on CPAN attempting that sort of
thing, one slower than the other and still none of them gets it right in
all cases.  So your chances of doing better with a shell script are
pretty much zero.  All Perl distributions come with metadata that tell
you the dependencies among them already, so I just need a way to
transfer that exactly into the cygport file (which again gets generated
from that exact metadata, not written by hand).  By way of example,
Cygwin has several packages that support Perl OO layers, of which there
are many (Moose, Mouse, Moo, Mo…) so a dependency check pulling in all
of them would end up creating a dependency chain that's at least 200
more distributions.  Note that I very deliberately do not package Moose,
which is huge.

>>     Automatically create a test release if the release string starts with a literal "0"
> Nak.  There is not necessarily any correlation between a -0.* release
> and whether it should be test or not.

Then there ought to be. :-)

>>     Show pkg_tag in chatter
> Pushed a slightly different approach to master.

I obviously like my patch better, because it keeps that line in the
output no matter what the tag is (plus colors it so it's easier to catch
a left over wrong tag when scrolling through the backlog).

> Not sure what the
> second part of that patch is supposed to be, however, as there is no
> $pkg_testrelease variable in cygport.

That's a vestigial of some other patch that was ordered before this one
before I created the branch, I think.

>>     lib/src_install.cygpart: correct test in make_etc_defaults, possibly show diff
> The first part is ok once the commit is reworded.  But when would a
> user see the output of a postinstall script?

When looking in setup.log.full…  this output used to go to the console,
but got axed quite some time ago.

> What would make more sense is to have a utility akin to "rpmconf -a"
> on RPM-based systems which allows the user to compare existing files
> with their /etc/defaults and choose if and how to merge the
> differences.

Sure, but that's not cygport's business, no?

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