git repositories for cygwin packaging - please test

Jon Turney
Sun Aug 16 18:05:44 GMT 2020

On 07/08/2020 23:05, Ken Brown via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> On 8/7/2020 3:42 PM, Achim Gratz wrote:
>> Jon Turney writes:
>>> One problem I have noticed is that some packages have test suites
>>> (which are getting run via 'cygport test' invoking src_test()) which:
>>> - require lots of extra dependencies to run, or
>> I currently subsume these in BUILD_REQUIRES as they are indeed required
>> for a (complete) build.  It'd be possible to split them out into a
>> separate variable indeed, but that is yet another level of
>> specificatrion that needs to be figured out if it should become useful.

Yeah, the only saving is that we don't need to spend the time to install 
those packages if we aren't going to run the tests.

>>> - don't succeed on Cygwin, or
>> Any such tests I usually patch out or mark expected fail whichever seems
>> easier.
>>> - take an inordinate amount of time to run (exceeding the resource 
>>> limits)
>> That is a problem that comes with CI I think and we didn't really have
>> had to consider so far.  I have a few packages that I don't run tests on
>> by default because the test suite produces hangs or other unstable
>> behaviour, but that is dealt with in the src_test function itself.
>> If there are really resource hungry tests they usually need to be
>> enabled somewhere and one could skip those if the build runs on CIm (how
>> to find that out?).
> Here's an example where Jon's suggestion would have been useful: While 
> building php recently, I noticed that the test suite took forever.  I 
> would have been happy to have a way to tell the CI to skip the tests and 
> avoid exceeding the resource limits.  But I wouldn't want to do that by 
> modifying src_test, because I would still want to run the tests locally.

It should now be possible to add to the .cygport a line like:


which instructs it not to run the src_test() phase.

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