Request for review: wavpack 5.3.0

Jon Turney
Tue Aug 25 15:42:39 GMT 2020

On 12/06/2020 10:52, Marco Atzeri via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> On 12.06.2020 10:42, Yasuhiro KIMURA wrote:
>> Update wavpack to 5.3.0. Patches to fix security vulnerabilties are
>> already included in this version. So they are removed.
>> wavpack.cygport
> it builds fine.
> I assume you have checked that the 3 previous patches are not
> needed anymore and you have performed some type of tests.
> I see the test test suites is a bit large and out of the
> main source package.
> It seems GTG if you can confirm the previous points

While doing a maintainer key update today, I notice that Marco has added 
you the maintainer for 'wavpack', but you don't have a ssh key registered.

If you are still interested in doing that, please provide a ssh key (as 
per [1]), so you can build and upload packages (as per [2]).

If not, please let me know.

Sorry about the delay.



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