git repositories for cygwin packaging - please test

Jon Turney
Sun Aug 30 15:00:02 GMT 2020

On 26/08/2020 23:00, Ken Brown via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> On 8/23/2020 5:01 PM, Jon Turney wrote:
>> I now have built an (opt-in) system which fetches the packages built 
>> by this into your upload area and triggers calm to process them, which 
>> I'm looking for a volunteer to test.
> I'd be willing to give it a try the next time I have something to 
> upload.  I'm actually almost ready for a test release of doxygen.  
> Unfortunately, the 32-bit scallywag build of doxygen consistently fails 
> with an ld crash, even though I can build it locally.  So I can't use it 
> for this test.
> How does the opt-in process work?  Is it per package?  Is it easy to 
> opt-out again temporarily?

We can arrange the details however you like.  A specific package might 
be a good idea for a first try.

Only pushes to master are considered. You can opt-out by adding 
'SCALLYWAG=nodeploy' to the cygport.

>> Currently, these packages are built using 'cygport all-test', and so 
>> will always be marked test:
>> One possible issue is that a git commit doesn't have to change VERSION 
>> or RELEASE, so this can build packages which are then immediately 
>> rejected by calm, as that PVR already exists.
> Does calm delete them after rejecting them or does the maintainer have 
> to do that?

I've actually recently made a change to calm so that packages rejected 
as duplicates of existing PVR are discarded rather than retained, as 
this was just an inconvenience with no benefit.

>> I'm not sure if that's a real problem, or what the workflow should 
>> look like in regards to that.
> I don't see it as a real problem, as long as all it means is that I get 
> an email from calm.  But if I also have to manually delete the packages 
> from my upload area, that could be annoying.

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