[ITP] xxhash 0.7.4-1

Doug Henderson djndnbvg@gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 19:51:15 GMT 2020

On Tue, 14 Jul 2020 at 10:29, ASSI <> wrote:
> ASSI writes:
> > By patching the Makefile, just like you need to do for all the other
> > stuff from the same author.  You can have a look at the zstd packages.
> Come to think of it, xxhash is already part of zstd.  Can't you just
> link to that?
> Regards,
> Achim.

I have patched the Makefile as suggested. The newest version of the
dist files as located at


I compared the xxhash sources between the xxhash repo and the zstd
repo. There are major differences in the code. This is obvious from wc

$ wc -l /usr/src/xxhash.src/xxhash-0.7.4-1.x86_64/origsrc/xxHash-0.7.4/xxhash.c
   43 /usr/src/xxhash.src/xxhash-0.7.4-1.x86_64/origsrc/xxHash-0.7.4/xxhash.c
  864 /usr/src/zstd-1.4.5-1.src/zstd-1.4.5-1.x86_64/origsrc/zstd-1.4.5/lib/common/xxhash.c
  907 total

$ wc -l /usr/src/xxhash.src/xxhash-0.7.4-1.x86_64/origsrc/xxHash-0.7.4/xxhash.h
 2076 /usr/src/xxhash.src/xxhash-0.7.4-1.x86_64/origsrc/xxHash-0.7.4/xxhash.h
  285 /usr/src/zstd-1.4.5-1.src/zstd-1.4.5-1.x86_64/origsrc/zstd-1.4.5/lib/common/xxhash.h
 2361 total

I had a brief look at the code, but did not attempt to judge the
merits of either code base.

The zstd repo does not include the xxhsum command which has a similar
CLI to cksum, md5sum, sha256sum, etc.

Apparently xxhash will use the SSE2 instructions for some operations.
Someone with an older CPU without those instructions should test to
make sure the xxhsum programs works for them. (I'm just saying that, I
don't really know what that means.)

Any way, I would like some critical feedback on the dist packaging.

Doug Henderson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - from gmail.com

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