Request for review: anthy 9100h+0.4 (Re: Update of packages by non-maintainer)

Yaakov Selkowitz
Wed Jun 3 16:41:14 GMT 2020

On Thu, 2020-06-04 at 01:20 +0900, Yasuhiro KIMURA wrote:
> From: Yasuhiro KIMURA <>
> > So I gave up to use override.hint and decided to change version number
> > to "9100h+0.4". It works fine with all of cygport, mksetupini and
> > setup-x86_64.
> Anyway version number issue has sloved. So I would like to request for
> review of anthy 9100h+0.4.

Not ready yet; see comments inline.

> * As for cygwin local patch, 9100h-no-undefined.patch is changed to
>   make it fit to new source tree. Others are removed.
> * Add "MAKEOPTS=-j1" because parallel make causes build error.

That's the whole purpose of the exeext patch, to fix parallel make. 
Before you remove patches, you first need to understand what the patch
does, why it was needed, and see if it still is or not.  If you don't
know, then you should be asking rather than just dropping them.

> PKG_NAMES="${NAME} lib${NAME}0 lib${NAME}-common lib${NAME}-devel emacs-${NAME}"
> libanthy0_REQUIRES="libanthy-common"
> libanthy0_CONTENTS="usr/bin/cyganthy*.dll"

This is wrong; most of the DLLs will be -1.dll, so this needs to be
libanthy1 (but see below!!).

> 9100h-no-undefined.patch:

This looks mostly fine, except:

> --- origsrc/anthy-0.4/src-util/      2019-07-05 11:37:13.000000000 +0900
> +++ src/anthy-0.4/src-util/  2020-05-23 00:59:26.155191100 +0900
> @@ -26,5 +26,6 @@
>  libanthyinput_la_SOURCES = input.c rkconv.c rkhelper.c\
>   rkconv.h rkmap.h rkhelper.h
>  libanthyinput_la_LIBADD = ../src-main/
> +libanthyinput_la_LDFLAGS = -no-undefined
>  pkgdata_DATA = typetab dic-tool-usage.txt

This should probably have -version-info flag as well upstream,
otherwise you'll have conflicts with libanthy0 and libanthy1.  

Yaakov Selkowitz
Senior Software Engineer - Platform Enablement
Red Hat, Inc.

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